01. When the rain started, I rushed to a bus [shelter].
02. Many people went into the [shelters] when they heard the air-raid sirens.
03. We put the plants next to the wall to [shelter] them from the wind.
04. When it rains, people always take [shelter] in the doorway of shops.
05. The old man is living in a [shelter] for homeless people downtown.
06. The campfire was [sheltered] from the wind by an overhang.
07. She doesn't know what it is like to be poor because she has had such a [sheltered] life.
08. A wise man once observed that a house becomes a home when it [shelters] the body, and comforts the soul.
09. There is an Irish proverb which observes that it is in the [shelter] of each other that people live.
10. The name Honolulu means "[sheltered] harbor" in the Hawaiian language.
11. The three most basic needs of humans are food, water, and [shelter].
12. Proper [shelter] can be extremely important in severe weather conditions.
13. India's Bandhavgarh Park now [shelters] nearly 50 wild tigers, and their prey.
14. During World War One, Portugal responded to Britain's request for help by seizing German ships [sheltering] in its ports.
15. Switzerland has spent a lot of money to build underground [shelters] in the event of a nuclear war involving its neighbors.
16. The City of the Dead, an ancient cemetery in Cairo, provides [shelter] for thousands of the city's poor.
17. Trees provide timber for building, as well as food and [shelter] for animals.
18. Hikers in the mountains of Andorra can sleep for free in the numerous [shelters] which are located along the major trails.
19. In India, where cows are considered sacred, there are [shelters] where old cows can be taken when they are ready to die.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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